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Energy management plan

How energy efficient are you? Complete this checklist and assess how energy efficient your business is and what you can do to improve.

Managing your energy can be complex with changing market conditions, emerging technologies and evolving production processes.           

Complete this assessment to understand where your opportunities may lie to make energy efficiency improvements.


  • Do you have a strong understanding of the external and internal issues, including key stakeholders, that may impact your energy management performance?

Energy Management System Scope

  • Have you defined the boundaries of the energy use, efficiency and consumption at your site that you have the authority to control?

Energy Management System

  • Do you have an Energy Management System that documents your procedures and processes to ensure systematic tracking, analysis and planning of your energy use to ensure continual improvement?


  • Does management within your organisation commit to, and lead, continual improvement of your EnMS through making sure energy management system scope, policy, objectives and targets are set, and your EnMS is integrated into your business processes?

Energy Policy

  • Do you have an energy policy that includes objectives, energy targets and commitment of resources to achieve these?

Organisation roles, responsibilities and authorities

  • Is there a clearly defined role with responsibility and authority to implement the Energy Management System, and improve and report on energy performance?

Actions to address risks & opportunities

  • Does your organisation regularly assess risks and opportunities, and plan actions, to make sure you’re continuously improving energy management performance?

Energy Review

  • Have you conducted an energy review using measurement and other data that reflect key elements of energy use within your operations?

Energy Baseline

  • Have you established an energy baseline using information from energy reviews? Have you established energy performance indicators to measure progress to achieving agreed performance objectives and targets?

Energy Plan

  • Do you have a clearly documented plan, with specific actions to achieve agreed energy performance objectives and targets?


  • Do you ensure those responsible for carrying out energy performance management have the necessary education, training, skills and experience?


  • Do you have an internal and external communication process for your EnMS, including what you communicate on, when, with who and how?

Operational planning and control

  • For operational areas of significant energy use, do you have business processes to set operating controls, communicate them, and ensure operation and maintenance adhere to them?


  • When procuring energy using equipment and services, do you take account of lifetime energy performance and define specifications to ensure their energy performance?

Monitoring, measurement, analysis

  • Do you measure, detect, respond to and investigate significant deviations in energy performance?


  • Do you conduct internal audits of your energy management system at regular, planned intervals to provide information on whether it’s improving energy performance and conforming to requirements?

Continual improvement

  • Do you have a process to ensure you are continuously improving the suitability and effectiveness of your energy management system, and overall energy performance?